Northview Weather

Northview Weather

Northview provides new technology to help electric distribution companies better prepare for storms. Wew have developed a patent-pending outage prediction system that is able to predict the severity of potential storms up to 5 days beforehand. This information helps utility companies effectively manage crew resources, improving grid reliability for everyone.

The product is provided as a SaaS framework with access to a user-customized products from our user interface. We sell this on an annual subscription basis.

The market opportunity initially will be with electric distribution utilities to improve efficiency around power outage restoration. Our product will help utilities restore power faster during and after major winter weather. This information will be valuable to utilities by reducing power outage restoration costs.

Other market segments that could benefit from these services/technology include insurance companies (loss protection), emergency management (storm preparation), and transportation (maintenance planning and treatment strategies), and renewable energy (wind and solar) generation energy planning.

Working with our Vermont utility partners we have successfully tested our outage prediction system during the 2017-18 winter season.