Green Up Kids, Inc.

Green Up Kids, Inc.

The Green Up Girl® was established in January 2000. We started as a Boston-based web development and Internet marketing company specializing in serving green and animal related businesses. My company had 8 team members serving organizations from around the world and placing them on the top of Google.

In January 2017 I launched a new division of my company called Green Up Kids. It offers programs that will help youth lead their own Green-up projects and launch social enterprises the will empower them to become social entrepreneurs and improve the world.

Our products include a 2-part handbook series called “Bringing Your Mission To Marketplace. The Handbooks walks youth through a complete step-by-step process. Each Handbook gives students the inside knowledge, know-how, and resources they need to launch their own social enterprise. The Handbooks also promote the youths innovation of inventing. In fact, it goes a step beyond the pretend and theory of building and running a company and guides them in launching their own real life business.

The youth learn how to take charge of their future, how to apply social entrepreneurial thinking to the workplace, and how to create jobs which make their communities more robust and sustainable.

What makes our programs so valuable is the fact that when the youth are done reading the handbooks and completing all the worksheets, they’ll have a complete plan to follow. A plan that simply walks them through each step to find all the customers they need and want.