The growing number of wineries choosing to offer quality wines in “boxed wine” packaging realize myriad benefits that come along with the form factor. Modern “bag in box” or “BIB” packaging surpasses traditional bottled packaging in many ways; the wine keeps much longer even after being opened (6 to 8 weeks vs. 3 to 5 days), it is more environmentally friendly, it is more durable and portable. the packaging is less expensive and is physically lighter in weight. Ironically, one of the primary benefits of the boxed wine form factor, it’s ability to keep air out, is also one of it’s biggest limitations. Because of the convenience of pouring a single glass of wine directly out of the box without the risk of spoiling the entire bottle, consumers often expect to be able to drink that glass immediately, without any elaborate decanting processes. As with any wine, the perceived breathing, mouthfeel, and body of boxed wine can all be dramatically improved through aeration.

To this end, there are many aeration products on the market that are designed specifically for aerating bottled wine. Attempting to use any of these products to aerate boxed wine leads quickly to the realization that one would, quite literally, need three hands to aerate their boxed wine.

BO2X is an elegant reusable aerator that is designed to clip on to the tap of any boxed wine product. This aerator allows the button on the tap to be activated with one hand while comfortably holding a wine glass below the aerator in the other (the intended method of pouring wine from the box). The internal passages of the aerator are designed specifically to promote aeration. This geometry encourages turbulent flow with a design that incorporates specially engineered Venturi effect passages to force air into the wine as it flows toward the glass.

Many aeration products for bottled wine exist and have been enjoying stable sales for years. These products range in price from $8 to over $100. The BO2X concept for aerating boxed wine is an entirely new and novel approach that will benefit by being first to market with intellectual property protection safely in place. The market for boxed wine has been growing dramatically over the last 5 years, and all indications suggest that this trend will continue indefinitely.

Marketing of this product will be accomplished through a mix of approaches that incorporate brick and mortar wine merchants as well as online retailers and social media brand influencers. As brand recognition grows attempts will be made to form partnerships with national and international distributors.

Initial stages will focus on gaining shelf space for the product next to boxed wine offerings in small to medium-sized retail locations. From there, the focus will shift to forming relationships with larger retailers and chain stores who move the highest volume of boxed wine. Marketing this re-usable product to retailers as a tool to increase return traffic to their boxed wine offerings will be an important value proposition.

Coordinating this brick and mortar roll out with a strong social media/internet campaign via Instagram, Facebook, wine enthusiast websites, and the marketplace will be important to bolster brand recognition for in-store impulse purchases. Ultimately, sales of BO2X will likely shift to online retailers and larger distributors as the life cycle of the product advance.