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Sustainability Benefits

Sustainability Benefits (SB) provides a service to companies that want to help their employees reduce their carbon footprint. SB does this by: 1) Administering an employee sustainability benefit which helps employees purchase items like electric cars, solar panels, bicycles, and locally grown foods. 2) Administering an employee...

La Gavotte

La Gavotte develops and produces authentic products from Classic French cuisine such as a variety of Duck Pates and meat fillets. Products are available fresh, in cans, and packed or frozen. La Gavotte has traditionally been offered in upscale restaurants and five star hotel dining...

Modular Fitness Solutions

Modular Fitness Solutions (MFS) offers small businesses an innovative and affordable way to create an on-site fitness space for employees as part of a health and wellness benefits package. MFS modifies shipping containers to turn them into fully customizable microgym facilities and leases them to...