Resources for Entrepreneurs

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Here are some resources that will be helpful for delivering the perfect pitch:

  1. “Mad Libs”
    To create a perfect opening sentence for a pitch or a perfect pitch in one sentence.
  2. Guy Kawasaki
    Get his take on the pitch (some good stuff here except this is geared to a 20 minute pitch not a 7 minute pitch so 10 slides is probably 2 to 3 slides too long).
  3. Tell a Story. Here at Road Pitch, we are big fans of entrepreneurs telling a story with their pitch. The link above is to a good blog post on the subject.
  4. Make an ImpressionBe confident, be prepared, and know the answers ahead of time. This article by Kevin Harrington outlines what really makes a pitch stand out.
  5. Be aware. Pitching is a lot about what you can say about your idea, but it is also important to keep in mind a few things to leave out of your business pitch. Here are a few examples.
  6.  Follow 7 Simple Steps. Matt Symonds, in conjunction with the ideas of Baybars Altuntas, compiled a simple list of tips to follow when pitching.
  7. Know the Terms. Here a small glossary of investment and startup terms. These will help you be prepared for your pitch and be able to help you answer questions more easily.

“Fresh Tracks Road Pitch 2015 provided Wheel Pad L3C with the forum to present an idea for a successful company. The win let me know others agreed it was a good idea, but more importantly, the Road Pitch community continued to support the business evolution with feedback. Most significantly, a savvy Road Pitch gang member joined the Wheel Pad team, pushing me to excel in all aspects of my business planand now, execution of that plan. I feel lucky. As my Father always said, the harder one works, the luckier one gets. Thank you, Road Pitch, for inspiring me to be lucky.”

– Julie Lineberger, President, Wheel Pad L3C, presented at Brattleboro Road Pitch event 2015





“For me, the road pitch show is Vermont’s special way of welcoming and supporting start ups like ‘Clustas LLC’ to the business community. We had a blast presenting to the bikers and it was definitely worth while. Thank you FreshTracks Capital!”

– Rollin Rachele, Founder and CEO, Clustas, presented at Rutland Road Pitch event 2016

Portrait of owners of Wheelpad, Brattleboro Pitch Winner
Photo credit Bob LoCicero