How to Pitch an Idea

Tricia O'Connor gives a presentation on The Funky Wrap
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How Do I Get Started?

Entrepreneurs interested in pitching their business concept to the riders should contact the local event coordinator in their town or region and make an application. Each local event will screen the applicants and select and coach the final presenters. The event is open to both start up and established businesses.

“Road Pitch introduced us to both investors and other local entrepreneurs who in the past year have helped our company grow to the point where we could expand into having our own shop, new contracts, and hiring employees. We look forward to participating more in Road Pitch events, encouraging new talent to step forward, and hopefully one day being on the other side of the presentation.”

– Erik Cooper, M/E Design, presented at Champlain Mini Makers Faire Road Pitch Event at Shelburne Farms 2015.

Let’s Hear Your Pitch!

Interested in applying for a slot to pitch to our riders? Please take a look at the 2018 schedule for the event closest to you. The contact for that location will be on the event. Don’t see a local organizer listed?  Use the “contact us” section and ask. Thank you for your interest and good luck to you!

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A man gives a presentation on a business idea
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What Makes a Successful Pitch

I am an entrepreneur. How do I "pitch" to your group?

Local Host sites will run a screening process to selected entrepreneurs and companies who will pitch to the group.  See the Schedule section of the website and click on the event you wish to pitch at. Contact the local organizer listed.  Not sure who your nearest local organizer is?  Use the “contact us” section of this website and ask us your question.

What do you want to hear in a pitch?

We expect to give entrepreneurs a maximum of 7 minutes to make their pitch.  There are many good online resources about crafting the perfect pitch but we want to know the following when you present:  Why are you passionate about this idea and why are you and your team the right team for the job? What problem are you solving and what pain are you alleviating for a customer?  How does your product or solution solve the problem and alleviate the pain and how are you differentiated from other solutions?  How big is your market opportunity? How will you get your product to market?  Do you have a minimum viable product?  What are the next steps and milestones your company will be taking during the next 6 to 12 months?

Do I need to have a Power Point Presentation and a Business Plan?

Technology availability may differ at each location so prior to the pitch you will need to discuss your technology needs with the local site coordinator. If you do use a power point presentation we suggest no more than 7 slides.  Please do not write a business plan and since we are riding motorcycles and therefore traveling lightly please do not bring anything to give to us that you expect us to carry with us (such as written materials or product samples). Oh, and please don’t dress up for your pitch.  We are going to be riding motorcycles for gosh sakes.  Actually if you are dressed in leather and ride your bike to the pitch we will give you special consideration.  (Just kidding….or maybe not.)

View Previous Finalist Presentations!

Each local event winner refines their pitch and presents again at Champlain College in October as part of the Final Pitch-Off event.  Watch their presentations to learn more about what the judges are looking for.

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Additional Details

Will the riders sign a non disclosure agreement? 

No the riders will not sign a non disclosure agreement.

Have an idea for a local business, but don’t have plans to scale it beyond simply serving your local community (example: restaurant, bake shop, retail location etc.)?

While we all patronize such businesses and believe them to be important assets to communities and society, our experience and expertise is in working with entrepreneurs who have scalable ideas and opportunities.  Pitching to our group is probably not the right avenue if you are truly a local business.